The Class Pet

I have found the secret to having a well-behaved child.  They just need to bring the class pet home from school.  🙂  Carter had the honor of being the first in his class to bring Clifford home for the evening.  He came in a little case with a book to read, a journal to write in, and a special snack (M&M’s) to share.

Carter had to take Clifford out of his backpack as soon as he came home from school.  Clifford ate lunch with us, and then Carter and Clifford played in his room ALL AFTERNOON!  By themselves, NO MOMMIES ALLOWED!  And let me tell you, I love both of my children, but there are days when I just DO NOT want to play trains, or legos, or another game of Memory!


Carter enjoyed playing in his room with Clifford and ALL his stuffed animals.


But the BEST part of taking the class pet home was that Carter actually wanted to go to bed early!  That’s right folks, Carter actually asked us if he could go to bed with Clifford.  We didn’t have to ask, threaten, or carry him to bed.  He didn’t try to sneak out of bed and come in the living room.  He didn’t even ask if he could sleep in our room.  He and Clifford went to bed at 7pm.  It was glorious!

All I have to say is that all the 4K parents should bring an animal to school so that the kids can bring a class pet home EVERY NIGHT!  🙂


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