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Slowest Pit Stop EVER!

Tim is a HUGE NASCAR fan.  I’m not sure I knew exactly how much of a NASCAR fan he was until it was too late.  He watches the race EVERY weekend, and now both boys watch with him.  Carter knows … Continue reading

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Anyone that lives near Milwaukee is pretty familiar with road construction.  First it was the Marquette Interchange project, now it’s the Zoo Interchange.  Luckily we don’t go into downtown Milwaukee often so these two projects haven’t caused us many problems. … Continue reading

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It’s Truly Amazing

I was watching the news this evening, and the Feds have changed their guidelines regarding car seats.  Apparently they now recommend that children be in a rear-facing car seat until they are two years old.   Cooper out grew his … Continue reading

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Silly Things About Me

Last night I was weighing myself (not going to tell you what the scale said, but I’m pretty sure it was lying!) and I actually caught myself sucking my stomach in because obviously that would make me weigh less.  🙂 … Continue reading

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