Silly Things About Me

Last night I was weighing myself (not going to tell you what the scale said, but I’m pretty sure it was lying!) and I actually caught myself sucking my stomach in because obviously that would make me weigh less.  🙂

When I pull into the garage and think to myself,  “I don’t think the garage door is open all the way yet”, I’ll duck because obviously that will make the van shorter.

If I’m driving and a bird flying in front of the car (or most recently a tie down strap came flying off a semi and hit our windshield) I close my eyes for a split second because obviously that will make the object just disappear.

And this is perhaps my husband’s (and before him, my dad’s) favorite thing, if I’m driving and I hear the car making a funny noise, I just turn the radio up, because obviously that will fix what ever is wrong.


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