Sweep up some savings with these Swiffer coupons and rebates (limited time)

As Tim has mentioned, we’re big fans of the rebate/discount app, ibotta.  It’s helped us save a little money over the holiday season and came in handy when we were shopping for our Christmas gathering meal items.  Now that the holiday season is over, it’s time to tidy things up around our house. Thankfully, we can save a little bit of money while we do that with these rebates and coupons for Swiffer products.

While writing this, the Swiffer rebates weren’t appearing on ibotta.com, but they are appearing in my app, so those savings may be hit or miss for you.

ibotta Rebates (your mileage may vary on these)

Join my ibotta team and add to your savings when you buy every-day items!

Coupons.com Discounts

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