Nummy Beans

The truly wonderful thing about having little kids (I’d say under three) is that you can go shopping for presents from Santa, or pick up items for an Easter baskets and your kids won’t remember.  They may want to hold the toy in the shopping cart while you’re there, but come Christmas morning they won’t remember shopping for it.

Carter is a little past that age now.  I did manage to sneak a few items in the cart this past Christmas while he wasn’t looking, and then had Tim distract him when we were at the check out.  And if for some reason he did see something, I just told him that I remembered that he asked Santa for it, and that I was going to return it the next day.

This year we are going to my in-laws for Easter, and since my mother-in-law usually has a few baskets for them already, Tim and I decided that we would just get some eggs for an Easter egg hunt instead of more baskets.  So I took both boys with me to Target to buy eggs.  I told Carter that the Easter Bunny had called me while he was at school and was running a little low on eggs this year.  He wanted to know if we could pick some up and mail them to him.  Carter thought that was pretty cool.  In fact, he thought it was a little too cool….I had to take several packages out of the cart because the Easter Bunny only asked me to pick up 2 packs (48 eggs in each).

So this morning when Carter was at school Cooper and I filled about 90 eggs up with jelly beans.  I’m fairly certain that Cooper didn’t know what they were when we were filling the eggs up, because he would have ate about half of them.  We filled them all up in about a half hour, and they are safely hidden from Carter.  And come Easter, Cooper won’t even remember filling them up with me.  🙂

We did have a few jelly beans left when we were finished (we only put 6 jellybeans in each one, one of every color) so I let Cooper have a few.  He now knows what jelly beans are, and he LOVESthem.  For the rest of the morning he kept pointing at the bowl on the counter and would say, “Mama, nummy beans, nummy beans.”

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