Lady Gaga Time

Cooper LOVES Lady Gaga.  We can be in the van and one of her songs will be playing on the radio, and after just a few seconds Cooper will say, “Mama, Lady Gaga!”  She was on Oprah a few weeks ago, and he immediately knew that it was Lady Gaga, and of course he started dancing as soon as she started singing.

Carter enjoys a game that he calls “Guy Guy Time”.  He must have been a little older than Cooper when he came up with it.  It involves unfolding his little couch in front of one of our armchairs.  Then Tim sits on the floor in between the chair and the little couch.  Carter climbs up on the chair and Tim flips him over his head and he lands on his back on the little couch (are you following me so far???)

Cooper has recently started to play “Guy Guy Time” too, but this evening he renamed it to “Lady Gaga” Time.  🙂

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