A Day in the Life

My day started off great.  Cooper grabbed a can of soda out of the hall closet and threw it on the floor.  I didn’t actually see it happen (I was sitting at the table eating breakfast), but I did hear Tim say, “Cooper, don’t do that” followed very quickly by a weird noise and a little bit of swearing.  The soda can burst open spraying the wood floor in front of our door, the carpet, and the wall with Pepsi.  So as Tim was waiting for the bus with Carter, I was getting the steam mop out and cleaning up the mess.

After that was cleaned up, it was time to get ready for school.  Today was my last day volunteering in Carter’s class.  Since I worked late last night I was pretty stiff this morning, so I decided to take a quick bath.  I was just getting into the tub when Cooper burst into the bathroom (I will address my total LACK of privacy another time!) with Carter’s kiddie camera and said “Cheese.”  Now for about a half second I started to smile…until I realized that I was naked in the bathtub.  But before I could say, “NOOOOOOO”, Cooper had taken my picture, which was immediately deleted!  🙂

I got home from school and picked Cooper up from my neighbor’s house.  I decided that I was going to make mac and cheese for lunch….not the kind in the blue box, but Kraft Homestyle Mac and Cheese, which I love and Carter HATES!  I knew that I was up for a fight, but I was really sick of peanut butter sandwiches, chicken noodle soup, and Spaghetti-O’s.  Normally I would try to sugar coat the whole thing by saying something like “Carter we are going to have some really yummy mac and cheese for lunch.”  But today I told him, “Carter you know that mac and cheese that you hate, but Mommy really loves…..we’re having that for lunch and if you don’t eat it for lunch you get it for dinner.”  After about a half hour he actually did eat it, but felt the need to tell me how much he despised it after each and every bite.

After lunch I decided to take the boys and a neighbor girl to the park in our subdivision.  It’s within walking distance so we decided that we would walk (not ride bikes or take a stroller).  The walk there was great, we had a blast at the park, and then Cooper pooped out on the way home…..which meant that I had to carry my 30 pound kid several blocks home.  🙂

We got home from the park and I tried putting Cooper down for a nap, but he only slept for about thirty minutes.  This meant my entire reasoning for WALKING to the park backfired…..he was suppose to take a two or three hour nap after all that walking and playing.

Since both the boys were up, we went back outside for a bit.  Carter wanted to play with his plastic tee ball set, so I set that up and the boys were taking turns hitting the ball…..until Cooper got a little too close and Carter hit him in the face with the plastic bat.  Now anyone with children knows that the longer a child waits to cry after getting hurt, the worse the injury is.  Cooper waited a LONG time to cry!  I scooped him up, got him in the house and he was covered in blood.  Nothing was broken, but he had a pretty bad bloody nose.  And I’m not sure if you’ve ever had a 2 year old with a bloody nose, but they DO NOT LIKE it when you try to pinch their nose shut to stop the bleeding.

In the midst of all the blood, Carter informs me that there is someone at the door.  I didn’t hear the doorbell ring, but I peaked out the door and saw a woman standing there.   I opened the door, and before she could even get a word out I said, “Not a good time.”  She saw Cooper standing behind me covered in blood, handed me a business card and said she was sorry for disturbing us.

Hmmmm….maybe I should let Carter hit Cooper with a bat more often if it means I don’t have to deal with people trying to sell me stuff.  Now if we could only time it just right!

So that was just another day in the life of me.  🙂

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