Carter’s school is taking up a collection for the people in Japan.  He brought some information home today in his folder.  If every student donated just fifteen cents, the school would raise over $125 to send to Japan.

Both Carter and Cooper love to put money into their piggy banks, so I thought it would be a good idea for Carter to donate some of his own money for the collection.  I want to teach him that it’s good to help out others in need.  We already try to donate an item or two for the local food pantry when we are at the grocery store.  He also collected food to donate for his mission project at Sunday school.  And at Christmas time he has to put money into EVERY Salvation Army bucket (mainly because he wants to ring the bell!).

I have to say that I was so proud of him when he decided to donate ALL of the money in his piggy bank!  Granted, he doesn’t really grasp the idea of how much money he donated, but I’m proud of him just the same!


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