Carter MEAN

Cooper has put up with an awful lot in the last two years.  Carter has put him in a headlock, sat on him, and stepped on him.  He has pushed Cooper down, kicked him, and hit him.  Carter will take Cooper’s toys and throw them at him when told to share.  Yes, Cooper has put up with a lot the past two years…..and he has come to a conclusion.  Carter is MEAN!

On Saturday morning the boys were playing and Carter pushed Cooper down.  Cooper got right back up and he looked mad.  He took one look at Carter, said “CARTER MEAN!” and threw the little plastic pumpkin that he was holding right at Carter’s head.  And the rest of the morning anytime Carter did something to him, he’d say “Carter MEAN!”

Cooper fell asleep on our way home from Target on Saturday afternoon, and we put him in his bed when we got home.   I heard him waking up about an hour later, and when I peeked in the room the first thing out of his mouth was, “Carter MEAN”.

You can just tell that Cooper has been waiting months and months to say “Carter Mean”.  And I can’t really tell him not to say it, because it’s true.  But I do tell Carter to be nice to his little brother, because some day (real soon) Cooper will be bigger than he is, and payback’s a bitch!  🙂


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