April Fools

I’m not exactly sure who the heck told Carter that it was April Fools….but when I find them, they are going to pay!  LOL  I know that it wasn’t me, because I was gone long before Carter woke up this morning.  I know it wasn’t my husband, because he was too busy getting two kids up, fed, dressed, and on the bus/to the neighbors by 8am.  So that means that someone at school told him about it.

Now Carter hasn’t pulled any major pranks or jokes on us.  He hasn’t smeared his brother in ketchup and told him to lay on the bottom of the stairs (although he’ll probably do that in a few years).  He hasn’t put sugar in the salt shakers.  No whoopie cushions on my chair, didn’t take the air out of our tires, and hasn’t called yet to ask us if the refrigerator is running.  He hasn’t done any of those things.  Why???….because he is 4 and doesn’t quite understand April Fools Day yet.

The “jokes” that Carter pulls are far more ANNOYING and not really funny.

“Mom, I have homework tonight….April Fools.”

“Mom, I have a present for you…..April Fools.”

“Dad, you have a spider on your head….April Fools.”

“Mom, I have homework tonight….April Fools.”  (I know what you’re thinking, I said that already….I KNOW!  But I’ve had to hear it several times, so I thought you could read it twice.)

“Dad, you have a bug on your head…..April Fools.”  (Very similar to the spider, but a little different.)

“Mom, you have purple on your hair…..April Fools.”

“Mom, you have soccer balls on your face….April Fools.”

These are just some examples of the many April Fools “jokes” that have been played on me and my husband today.  And the day is not over yet.  Bedtime isn’t for another 10 minutes.  🙂

I think before bed I’m going to tell Carter we are getting him a puppy…..APRIL FOOLS!  Now that’s FUNNY!  🙂

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