Daylight Savings

I hate (HATE HATE HATE) Daylight Savings.  Actually, let me rephrase that….I don’t so much mind the “falling back” part of Daylight Savings, it’s the “springing forward” part that sucks!  🙂

I knew that Daylight Savings was approaching.  I knew it was this weekend.  Then Saturday night came around and I was working on the computer and all of a sudden I looked at the clock and it was 10:30, which with the “springing forward” thing meant that it was really 11:30.  Yuck!  So I quickly finished up what I was doing and headed off to bed.

Now I will admit that I did get almost 8 hours of sleep, so I really shouldn’t feel as tired as I do.  What is it about Daylight Savings that completely throws me off?  The boys seem to adjust just fine, although Cooper still gets to nap every afternoon (must be nice!)

And now I get to look forward to “falling back” again in a few months, which I have to say isn’t as much fun as it used to be.   Before kids it was GREAT!  You set the clocks back and get an extra hour of sleep.  But kids don’t understand the importance of “falling back” an hour.  They don’t understand that you get to sleep in an extra hour.   If you’re child is up every morning at 7 am, then the morning you “fall back”, they will be up at 6am.  And if they are anything like my two children, they will decide that on that particular day they feel like getting up a little extra early.  I swear, it happens every year!

But for today, I will just be grateful for the fact that Cooper slept until 8, and that I won’t have to “spring forward” for an entire year.  And who knows, maybe I’ll move to Arizona and NEVER have to “spring forward” again!

Happy Daylight Savings!  🙂

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