But MOM!!!!

I’ll be the first to admit that Carter is SPOILED!  It’s my fault…when he was little I wanted him to have lots of toys to play with.  He has almost every Little People set out there, a Thomas the Train table a TON of trains, and I think we have enough of the CARS vehicles to re-enact the entire movie.  Our entire basement is filled with toys (thank God for IKEA shelving!!!) and both of the boys have lots of toys in their rooms.  Luckily I’m a very organized person, so our house doesn’t look that cluttered/messy.  Everything has a home and the boys pick up their toys daily.

While I do take responsibility for the toy situation, I did have an accomplice.  Her name…..GRANDMA!  While I have started to crack down on the toys (I have learned to say NO when asked if Carter can get this or that)….Grandma always brings things home from her trips to Arizona, has to get that stuffed animal or toy whenever we go to the Milwaukee County Zoo, and still allows Carter to get toys when we take a trip to Target.  🙂

I started thinking about this today when I took Carter to the grocery store with me.  You see, they have the little prize machines AKA crap dispensers on the way out of the store.  Carter LOVES to get something out of these when we visit my parents’ house.  They have a chicken one at County Market and the chicken lays an egg with a little toy in it.  We don’t get to my parents house often, in fact they live in Arizona for half of the year now, but anytime Carter goes to the grocery store with Grandma he gets a little prize.  Every time (and I mean EVERY TIME) we leave Pick ‘N Save, Carter asks if he can get a prize.   And every time he asks I always have the same response, “Grandma will get one for you the next time she comes to the grocery store with us. ”  This answer has satisfied Carter for months…..until today.

Grandma comes over quite often from May-October, and we go to Target almost every time she’s here.  But I can probably count the number of times we’ve gone to the grocery store together on one hand…..and I think Carter is starting to realize this because today he said quite annoyingly, “But MOOOOOMMMMMM, Grandma NEVER comes here.”  Exactly I thought to myself! 🙂


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