Sneaky Little Leprechauns

Those sneaky little Leprechauns were up to no good at our house today. We woke up to green milk in the fridge this morning, which Carter thought was AWESOME! The little girl that I baby sit from time to time did not. She informed me that she didn’t like green milk and that it tasted funny. But Carter was pretty persistent. He went on and on about how the leprechauns use their magic to make green milk. I may have chimed in about how green milk can turn your hair green. She apparently thought that might be pretty cool, because she finished up her milk pretty quickly at snack time. And what do you know, those leprechauns did turn her hair green, but by the time she made it to the bathroom to look in the mirror it had changed back to blonde. 🙂

Then for lunch those sneaky leprechauns turned the strawberry yogurt and the ranch dip for our carrots green. Can you believe it? And I made some banana bread for later in the day, I put it in the oven and when I took it out it was green.

But by far the most mischievous thing those little leprechauns did today was give Cooper a bad case of Leprechaun pox. I took a picture for all of you who haven’t heard of this highly contagious illness. It’s so contagious that within a couple hours Carter had contracted it as well.


Cooper with his Leprechaun Pox


Carter and Cooper proudly showing off their Leprechaun Pox.

Luckily there is a remedy for Leprechaun Pox….a green bath. And just our luck, some sneaky little leprechauns made the bath water green.

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