Cooper hates going to the doctor.  He does very good until the moment when the nurse comes out to take us back, and then the crying, kicking, and screaming start.  It doesn’t matter if he’s there for a check-up, a cold, or shots…..he HATES the doctor.

This week I had to take both of the boys with me for Carter’s appointment.  He didn’t have an appointment with his doctor, we were just going in for a shot which one of the nurses was going to give him.  I was totally prepared for Cooper to go into total tantrum mode, but apparently when Carter’s the one going in for a visit, going to the doctor is a lot of fun!  🙂

Now Carter was NOT excited about getting a shot.  Being the mean horrible mom that I am, I told him the night before that he was getting a shot the next day.  So when he got off the bus this morning, I piled them in the van and took the boys to McDonald’s for lunch (see I’m not really that mean!) and let them play a bit before heading to the doctors.  On the way Carter tried to bribe his brother to get the shot for him, but even at two, Cooper was too smart and wanted NO part of whatever Carter was offering!

When we got to the doctor’s office we were called back pretty quickly.  The nurse informed Carter that this was going to be his LAST shot for quite a few years.  She showed Carter his chart and ALL the shots he’s already had, and Carter was pretty excited to see that.  He plopped up on my lap, let the nurse give him his shot, and didn’t even cry.  And before the band aid was even on, Carter asked about getting his sticker for being a good boy (it’s amazing what my kids will do for a sticker.)

The boys went down the hall to the left, and knew exactly where the stickers were located (even Cooper who’s only 2).  Can you tell we are frequent visitors?  🙂

And then when we got home I realized that the nurse failed to mention the fact that Carter will need to get flu shots every year.  I GUARANTEE that Carter will remember the fact that the nurse told him he wouldn’t need any more shots for six more years.  And when that time comes (in a few short months), I’m totally prepared to tell Carter that the nurse LIED!  🙂


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