They Crack Me Up!

Not a day goes by that my kids don’t do or say something that is blog worthy.  Some days there may just be one or two things, but Carter has been on a role lately.

On Wednesday afternoon he wanted to play Cowboys (we recently took a trip to Arizona and he came home with a toy gun with holster, a cowboy hat, and some really cool cowboy boots).  Since Cooper was taking a nap, he needed someone to be the bad guy.  I was trying to finish loading the dishwasher, so I suggested that Mr. Stan (our cat) be the bad guy for a few minutes.  Carter just looked at me and said, “MOOOOOOM, Mr. Stan CAN’T be the bad guy, he’s my horse.”  Poor Mr. Stan!  🙂

I had to work on Wednesday night from 6-11pm, so I had to take the boys with me so my husband, who works minutes from where I do, could meet me in the parking lot and switch vehicles.  I was giving the boys my normal “Mommy has to go to work” speech, which includes:

-Be good boys for Daddy

-Eat all of your dinner so you can have your night-night snack

-Make sure to take a bath, and NO SPLASHING

-You need to go to bed at 8pm, you can call me to say good night if you want, and Mommy will  come and give you hugs and kisses when she gets home.

Carter paused for a moment or two, and then said to me, “Mommy, you always say you’re going to give me hugs and kisses when you get home, but I NEVER feel the hugs and kisses.”

And then last night I was tucking Carter into bed and I told him that he was getting too big.  I tell him this all the time.  And then I asked him, “Carter can you do Mommy a favor and stop growing?  I want you to be little forever.”  When Carter was little he’d always say yes.  But last night he said, “Mommy, I have to keep growing.  I’m a growing boy and I have to eat, and then I get bigger.  If I stop growing then my bones will stick out of my body.”  I asked if he could grow a little slower, and he replied, “I’ll see what I can do Mom.”


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