Spring Has Sprung

Today was such a beautiful day, low 60’s in the afternoon, which felt like the 70’s after a LONG Wisconsin winter!  We were outside without jackets, and I actually has SANDALS on (this is a huge deal to me, since I despise socks!)

We crammed a lot into today.  This morning it was quite overcast and actually looked like it might rain.  Perfect morning to run a few errands.  Carter and I were out the door by 8:45 to stop at school to pick up our latest MarketDay order.  Then I dropped him off at home and ran to the grocery store.  Today was double coupon day at Pick N Save and I saved $55!  I was pretty proud of myself.

On the way home from the store, I had the bright idea that it would be a good day to stock up on mulch at Home Depot.  We saw a sign on Friday night that mulch was 50% off.  So we left home right before 11am and made two trips to Home Depot.  We ended up getting 40 bags of mulch.

We got home from our second trip to Home Depot right around 12:30, just in time for Tim to change his shirt and for me to grab a birthday present out of the closet, and then we were off to McDonald’s for a birthday party for one of Carter’s classmates.  We were at McDonald’s for over two hours.  Both of the boys had a blast, and Cooper was so overly tired on the way home.  I think he fell asleep in the parking lot!

When we left McDonald’s we realized that it was a beautiful day out.  The temperature must have gone up at least 10 degrees while we were at McDonald’s.  So we decided to try to get some of the mulch spread while Cooper was sleeping.  And in a little over an hour we had finished the job!  I was pleasantly surprised at what a great little helper Carter was.  He had his little rake and shovel out and helped me spread it out, while Tim brought bags over and dumped them out.  We had a great little system going on.

We came in for dinner, ate quick, and then took the boys for a little walk in the wagon.  After our walk it was back to Home Depot for a third time.  Had to get some dirt for some planters and needed to get new solar lights for outside.  After a trip to Menard’s and finally to Walmart we found suitable solar lights.

We finally got home around 7, gave the kids a snack, let them play in the jumping castle for a bit, and now they are in bed.  Carter is fast asleep, Cooper is still WIDE awake.  He got his very own big boy bed yesterday (more about this later) and it’s not going well.

Hope everyone had a fun and productive Saturday!  It’s suppose to be 74 tomorrow!  Yay!


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