Slowest Pit Stop EVER!

Tim is a HUGE NASCAR fan.  I’m not sure I knew exactly how much of a NASCAR fan he was until it was too late.  He watches the race EVERY weekend, and now both boys watch with him.  Carter knows the names of quite a few of the drivers and even went to his 1st race this past February when we were in Arizona.

Tim has been to the race track in Daytona, once to take a tour and once for the Daytona 500.  When we were there he had a chance change a tire in a pit crew challenge.  He and a few other guys each had a specific thing to do just like in a pit crew (take the tire off, put the tire on, etc.)  I can’t remember exactly how long it took.  Let’s just say that he and the other guys don’t have a future in tire changing.  🙂

So this morning Tim came inside after Carter got off the bus to inform me that his Ford Edge had a flat tire.  I drove it last night to work and was the last one to drive it.  After giving me the third degree about my ride home last night (in a pretty bad thunderstorm in which I drove through a HUGE puddle and almost died), I told him that I was pretty sure that I did not drive home with a flat tire.  I will admit that I know NOTHING about cars.  I once drove my car with pretty much non-existent brake pads until my dad drove it and realized that something was up.  When I get the oil changed on my car and the guy comes out with that stick thing and explains what he did and how much was left in the car, all I hear is “BLAH BLAH BLAH.”  But I think even I would realize that the  back tire was completely flat.

I offered to drive Tim into work and pick him up so he could get there in time.  I even offered to help change the flat (even though I have NO idea how to change a tire.  Didn’t learn in Driver’s Ed and my dad never taught me, he just gave me a AAA Card!)  He declined my help, so I went back to what I was doing, which made him even more upset.  But I offered to help, I offered to drive him into work….what more could I do?

So off Tim went to go change the flat.  He came in about 15 minutes later, and I asked if he was finished.  He wasn’t.  At this point I asked if I could say something without him biting my head off.  I then told him that Pit Crews can change a tire in under 20 seconds.  He wasn’t amused.

About 45 minutes after he initially came in to tell me about the tire, it was changed and Tim was off to work.

Let me just tell you, that was the SLOWEST PIT STOP EVER!  🙂

And in case you were wondering, there was a screw in the tire, the dealership put a plug in for $20, and it’s as good as new.

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