Cooper’s Birthday Party

I LOVE LOVE LOVE throwing birthday parties for my boys.  Tim….not so much.  Carter has been a bit spoiled in the birthday party department.  We had his 1st birthday party at my parents’ house, and my dad surprised us with pony rides.  It’s been pretty hard to top pony rides, but I’ve tried my best!  🙂

But this year we decided we weren’t going to throw Carter a birthday party.  We are going to Wisconsin Dells and staying at a hotel with a big waterpark a couple weeks before his birthday, and then right after his birthday we are planning on taking him back to the John Deere Headquarters.  So since we were doing both of these things, I wasn’t going to shell out several hundred dollars on a birthday party too.

So I figured since Carter wasn’t going to have one this year, Cooper wouldn’t either.  Then about a month before hand, I changed my mind.  Normally I’m planning these parties for months.  This time I was ordering cake toppers the week before, and was up until midnight making Mickey Mouse cake pops.  But everything turned out great, and I think everyone had a good time.  Here are some pictures from Cooper’s 2nd Birthday Party.  We had a Mickey Mouse Clubhouse theme.  🙂

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