Big Boy Bed Update

Monday night it took about 2 1/2 hours for Cooper to finally settle down and go to sleep.  He ended up shutting his door by himself, climbing into bed by himself, and FINALLY fell asleep.  This meant that instead of falling asleep around 8pm, he didn’t go to sleep until 10:30.  I was hoping that this would mean he’d sleep in.  He didn’t.

Yesterday I had to go to Carter’s school for some PTO/Box Top business.  A neighbor was going to watch Cooper for me, and I was going to bring Carter with.  Since I needed to be at school at 2:45 (right smack in the middle of nap time) I was going to try to get him to take an early nap.  This would have been feasible LAST week when he still had his crib, but not yesterday.  I thought maybe since he had 2 hours less sleep overnight he’d be tired, NO SUCH LUCK!  He stayed in his room for over an hour, although he didn’t stay in his bed.  I could hear him playing with toys and moving around.  But as long as he wasn’t crying, I WAS NOT GOING IN!!!

So last night we were driving to Culver’s for dinner (we were going to meet Tim there, and then he was going to take Cooper home afterwards so I could take Carter to swimming lessons), and we were barely out of our subdivision and Cooper was sleeping.  OH HELL NO!  There was NO WAY that kid was going to sleep at 5pm, he would NEVER EVER go to sleep at bedtime.  So I woke him up and Tim managed to get him home without falling asleep.

When Carter and I got home from swimming, I could tell that Cooper was exhausted.  So we brushed his teeth, I rocked him for a bit, and put him in his bed.  He got up a couple times, but finally went into his bed and fell asleep.

So apparently I just have to stop putting him down for a nap in the afternoon (CRAP!), stay home in the evenings so Cooper doesn’t fall asleep in the car, and then he’ll go to sleep in his Big Boy Bed.

And even though he went to bed fairly well last night, he was still up at 3am, standing in the doorway, calling for Mommy.


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