The Rummage Sale

So every year our subdivision has it’s annual rummage sale the second week in June.  This usually means it falls on the last day of school.  Last year I knew months and months ahead of time that I was going to participate in the rummage sale.  I went through the ENTIRE house from top to bottom and put things that I wanted to sell into bins and bags and stashed them in the basement.  I then went to my parents’ house and helped them figure out what they would like to get rid of.  Amazingly they still had boxes in the garage from when the moved into their current house over 10 years ago.  I figured anything in the boxes could go….they hadn’t missed the stuff in 10 years.  🙂

About a month before the rummage sale last year I made Tim help me bring all the shelving from our basement into the garage.  We ended up having four 5-tier shelves and several tables worth of stuff to sell.  Carter had his Kool-Aid and Rice Crispy treat stand set up, and we had  a pretty decent rummage sale.

This year I’ve been thinking about whether or not we should have a rummage sale.  I still have ALL the baby stuff downstairs, and all the boys old clothes.  Trouble is, I’m not sure if we want to have another baby yet, so we probably should hold on to most of the stuff.  But the boys have some toys that they don’t play with anymore that we could probably get rid of.

So today I told Carter we were going to go through all his toys and he needed to find twenty things that he didn’t play with anymore.  I could think of at least ten right now without going through his stuff.  He thought about it for about twenty seconds and then came up to me and said, “I know what I want to sell at the rummage sale Mom….Cooper, Cooper, Cooper, Cooper, Cooper, Cooper, and Cooper.  How many things is that?”

What do you even say to that???

“Well Carter, I’m not very good at math, but I think that would only be ONE thing…..and I’m pretty sure you can’t sell your brother.  And even if you could, I’m fairly certain that he’d be returned after a few days.”  🙂

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