Spring Break

I can remember a time when Spring Break was all about going somewhere warm and sunny, staying up all night drinking and sleeping in until noon.  Not like I ever actually did that…..but it sure looks fun on television.

But seriously, when did Spring Break go from being some thing one looks forward to, to some thing that you DREAD!!!  Don’t get me wrong, I love my children.  I love spending time with them, I love them even more when it’s actually warm enough to go outside.  But the last three days have been absolutely MISERABLE!

I honestly don’t even remember much of what we did on Monday.  I do remember a short trip to the library in the morning, and the fact that all three of us were sleeping in my bed when Tim got home from work.  I think the rest of the day was spent breaking up fights and listening to Cooper tell Carter that he’s mean.

Yesterday I took the boys to McDonald’s since it was either raining, hailing, sleeting, or snowing ALL DAY!  And of course since it was 32 degrees and snowing at 3pm yesterday we had to drive to swimming lessons.  Luckily the roads were fine.  🙂

The highlight of our day today was a trip to Home Depot after lunch, timed perfectly so that Cooper fell asleep on the way home and actually took a nap today!!

And tomorrow I’m thinking about a trip to the zoo.  It’s only suppose to be 45 degrees out, but it will be the nicest day of the week.  I’m hoping everyone in Milwaukee doesn’t have the same idea.

Why oh why couldn’t we have had nice weather all week???  Oh, wait….I know, we live in WISCONSIN!  🙂  I’m just very grateful we didn’t get 10 inches of snow like they did in Green Bay.


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