Sleepy Heads

This week I’m scheduled to work until 11pm three nights in a row.  I usually work from 7-11pm, and don’t mind the shift, but three nights in a row is a little difficult.  I have trouble getting to sleep when I get home, and often times only get a few hours of sleep.

Last night was no exception, I went to bed a little after midnight and could not fall  asleep.  Then Cooper woke up about 1:20am and would not go to sleep.  I ended up bringing him into bed with me, and he tossed and turned, wiggled and giggled, and would not go to sleep.  Tim finally got up with him and rocked him to sleep.  The last time I glanced at the clock was right before 3am, not a good thing when you need to be up around 7am.

Tim usually gets up around 6am to get ready for work, and wakes Carter anytime between 6:30-7am.  Carter can usually get dressed, go to the bathroom, eat breakfast, and brush his teeth with time to spare when he gets up at 7am.

Well this morning Tim overslept.  I don’t even remember hearing his alarm go off this morning.  I woke up at 7:30 on the dot, thought it was a little odd that it was so bright in our room, looked at the clock and saw it was 7:30, and then rolled over to find Tim fast asleep.  OH CRAP!!!!

I jumped out of bed (surprisingly I wasn’t very tired), went into Carter’s room and started putting on his clothes while he was still sleeping.  Then I took him into the bathroom, he was still half sleeping at this point, and plopped him on the toilet.  Carter wasn’t too thrilled about this, but he made potty.  I quickly brushed his teeth, and got him to put his boots, jacket, and backpack on.  Tim grabbed a cereal bar and a juice box and gave them to Carter and we headed outside to wait for the bus.  We accomplished all of this in under five minutes.

Carter ate his breakfast in the garage while we waited for the bus and we ended up having a few minutes to spare.  He could have put on clean underwear!


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