Poop, what a lovely topic.  🙂  Now I know that everyone knows that if you have a baby, there will be poop.   But I didn’t know that my children would time their bowel movements so that they would poop about 5 minutes after my husband would leave for work in the morning.  And if they planned on pooping twice in one day it would occur about 5 minutes before he’d return home for the evening.  Babies are pretty smart.  🙂

I’ve also learned throughout the years that there are certain things that come out looking the same way as they did going in.  For instance, Cooper (who will be two in a couple weeks) had olives a couple times this week.  They seriously came out in big old chunks.  I’d post a picture….but no one should have to see that!

And Carter (after eating quite a bit of his green alligator cake on his first birthday) had bright green poop for two entire days.  I’m reminded of this because right now Cooper has been having the same problem, except he hasn’t had anything bright green to eat.   He has this two weeks ago for about 5 days, and then everything turned back to normal.   But just this morning it was bright green again.  It might be time to call the doctor.  🙁

Luckily, I only have a year or so left of changing diapers.  Cooper will be two shortly, and Carter was potty-trained a couple weeks after he turned three.  Now I’ve heard that boys are harder to potty-train then girls.  Potty training Carter was no picnic.  But I think having a big brother around will hopefully help Cooper.  He’s already showing a little interest in using the potty chair.  I even got him to poop in it a few weeks ago (just once, but I’ll take what I can get!)  He’s getting to the stage now where he’ll come up to me with a diaper and say “poop”.  All I have to say about this is that if you are old enough to know you pooped, can bring me a diaper, and can tell me in your toddler talk that you need to be changed, you can use the damn toilet.  🙂



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