Jelly Beans vs. Cupcakes

This afternoon while Cooper was napping, I was busy making cupcakes for Carter’s birthday.  I was trying something new, making cupcakes inside ice cream cones.  I’m making them look like water with little bears floating in gummy savers and jelly beans for beach balls.  Carter saw what I was doing and was APPALLED that I was using his leftover jelly beans from Easter as beach balls.  The Easter Bunny gave HIM those jelly beans and I couldn’t use them for the cupcakes (never mind the fact that they were for him to take to school and I spent WAY too much of my afternoon making them!!!)

So he asked if he could have a jelly bean, but since he had already had a cupcake and it was getting close to dinner time I told him no.  He kept asking and asking, so finally I told him, “Carter would you rather have a teeny tiny jelly bean now, or have a cupcake before bed as your snack.  You need to pick one, you can’t have both.”

Guess what he picked…..yep, the jelly bean.  That boy has issues.  🙂

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