Carter is so WEIRD!

Carter is really starting to freak me out.  Lately he has been making this noise that sounds like a combination of a snake and a scary monster.  It’s really freaky.  And then he makes this really weird face while making the really freaky noise and it makes the whole thing that much more weird.

Now this wouldn’t be SO bad if he only did it in the privacy of his own home.  But oh no, he does this when we are out in public.  He especially enjoys freaking people out when they walk past us in parking lots, or if someone asks him a question at the store.  It’s so creepy.

Not sure how to make him stop.  Totally open to suggestions.  🙂

And I would like to take this opportunity to apologize once again to the lady that was standing behind us at the return counter at Walmart, and to the old guy in the cereal aisle at Pick N Save.  I know my kid is really WEIRD!

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