Brotherly Love

Last night I was EXHAUSTED.  I had worked late the night before and hadn’t got much sleep, so I went to be a little after 8pm.  Unfortunately this meant that Cooper was still awake in his crib yelling out “Mommy, Mommy where are you?”  And Carter, who was just going to bed wanted to sleep in my bed with me.  So off to bed I went….me on one side, Cooper in the middle (I couldn’t not take him with, he’s loves sleeping in the “big bed”), and Carter on the other side.

We had been in bed for a couple minutes when Cooper began saying “Love you Mommy” to which I replied “I love you too Cooper.”  Then he’d turn his little head and say “I love you Carter” (which since he’s only 23 months sounds more like “I love you Tarter”).  Carter didn’t say anything back until I asked “Can you please tell your brother that you love him”, to which he annoyingly replied, “I love you too Cooper.”  This went on a couple times.  Cooper would turn his head towards me to tell me he loved me, then turn towards Carter and tell him.  Each time I had to tell Carter to please tell Cooper that you love him.

Well apparently Carter doesn’t like telling Cooper that he loves him (or maybe he really doesn’t), because after about the third time of me asking him to please tell Cooper that you love him, Carter replied, “I can’t tell him 95 times Mom, I have to go to sleep.”  This from the little boy who is NEVER tired, always wants to stay up for five more minutes, and who crawls out of bed to tell us that he can’t get to sleep about every other night!  🙂

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